Announcement-2015 Forum “Sustainability of China's Fisheries under the Fast Changing World”
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The sustainability of world fisherieshas being animportant and controversial issue, especially on the directions of currenttrends in species abundance and the prospects for stock collapse, food securityand biodiversity conservation. China is the largest fisheries producer in theworld both in capture fisheries and aquaculture in terms of production volume. Thevibration of China fisheries production would definitely influence the trend ofglobal food supply, price and stock. China shapes a new era ofindustrialization in the fisheries industry, and accurateand appropriate knowledge of fisheries productions and resources is a prerequisitefor design of sound policy and for responsible fisheries management andgovernance.

In view of these, we willorganize an international summit on “Sustainability of China's Fisheries underthe Fast Changing World”. The primary goal of this forum is to consolidateand mobilize a strong multi-sector capture fisheries, aquaculture andconservation community in China supported by international colleagues. Thisforum will generate a greater awareness of the situation of Chinese fisheriesand feasible development, as well as how to do the right thing to lessen theecological impacts, ensuring that fisheries and aquaculture are sustainable.


Sustainability of China's Fisheries under the FastChanging World

Proposed Sessions

1.IntroduceChinese fisheries status, pattern and process

2.Quest suggestions on fisheries recovery and a healthy ecosystem function

3.Climate change and Marine Biodiversity

4.Construct a platform for further cooperation 


Jimei University


Institute of Hydrobiology, Chinese Academy ofSciences

College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, XiamenUniversity

Fujian Provincial Key Laboratory of Marine Fishery Resources andEco-environment


Bin Kang (Fishery College,Jimei University)

and Co-convenor

Longgen Guo (Institute of Hydrobiology,Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Min Liu (College of Ocean and Earth Sciences, XiamenUniversity)



Dr. Jun Li, Tel: +86-18959280805



On-site registration: Nov. 9th2015

Meeting dates: Nov. 10th- 12th2015



WANJIA Yunding Hotel,

No. 206, Maohou, Huangcuo, Siming District, Xiamen, Fujian



Notes for Registration

1.Registration feeInternationalparticipant----350USDInternationalstudent---------200USD

2.Registration fees cover your lunch, banquet, break tea, souvenir,papers collection for conference etc.

3.You will be responsible for your own travel expenses and accommodation.



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